Empowering low income high school students with tuition and text books to take duel college courses while still in high school.

December 2011 update:

This year we have given 56 adults a hand up to enable them to go to college or to the Technology Center to learn a trade so they are qualified for the few jobs that are available in Morgan and Scott Counties. This is one of Ella’s favorite programs. It gives her great pride to attend the graduations and know that MSP has made a difference in the graduates’ lives.

August 2011 update:

The New Light Educational Support Program continues to make a differnece in the lives of many of our families as Morgan-Scott continues to provide transportation and tuition to unemployed adults so they can take job training at the Tennessee Technology Center or enroll in college classes.

We are currently providing support to thirty-two individuals.

As the Stimulus money runs out there will be a greater need for tuition and support.

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