Food Pantry & Supplies

Assist families with food and personal hygiene items as well as helping prepare public-assistance applications for such services as food stamps.

December 2011 update:

The need for food is great. At the present time the office in Morgan County is seeing over 100 families a month who need help. The Food Pantry in Scott County is serving over 400 families a month. I’m sorry to say a large number of these families are senior citizens. We are so thankful for the Arm and Hammer Company that sends us pallets of detergent, tooth paste, and deodorant twice a year. This is a blessing.

August 2011 update:

Many leaning products and hygiene items were donated by the women of Rivermont Presbyterian Church in Hixon, Tennessee. You can not purchase these items with Food Stamps and they are a very important part of our daily lives. Disposable diapers are also needed.

In Scott County, where the unemployment rate has been 20% for over a year, the pantry is seeing 80-100 families a week. Seventy-five percent are disabled senior citizens. An extra burden to our senior citizens is that many are raising grandchildren without financial help from the parents or government.

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